In the past weeks, we went to new restaurants in Metro Manila for the 52-week challenge. This time, we  backpacked Cebu from end to end f0r 4 days. We spent a lot of time on the road but the destinations were all worth it.

Our first stop:

Malapascua, Cebu

This island is about four hours away from Cebu City and is located in the north of Cebu. It was a rough ride going there but  it’s charm captivated me at once  and took away the tiredness from the hassle upon seeing the island.

How to get to Malapascua Island, Cebu

From the Mactan Airport, we took a cab to the North Bus Terminal and took a Van for 180 pesos to Malapascua Port. Getting the Van was a bad idea. We barely can move inside because the supposed to be 12-seater van became 16-seater, which is overloading. It was so much hassle. I suggest you take the bus instead which is about the same price as the van.

From the Malapascua Port, we took a boat for 100 pesos. When we arrived a few meters away from the island, we transferred to a smaller boat that took us to the island. We paid 20 pesos for the smaller boat. I don’t know why we had to transfer to a smaller boat. I did not ask ? but perhaps the bigger boat could not dock near the shore because of the low tide.

Where to stay in Malapascua, Cebu

There are a lot of resorts in Malapascua but we stayed at Cocobana Beach Resort. The name of the resort has quite an interesting background. According to their website, Cocobana was inspired by Corals, Coconut, Bananas and Cabanas.

Cocobana Coffee taken with my GoPro

We’re supposed to occupy 2 rooms but seeing that their room is spacious, we requested the management to let the six of us stay in one room and just paid for the additional people. There was a swimming pool where we enjoyed soaking after we came from the beach. They have a restaurant too where I tasted one of the most delicious Cafe Americano I’ve ever tasted.

From Malapascua Island to Kalanggaman Island

A view of Kalanggaman Island from the boat

The next day, we took a painstaking 2-hour boat ride to Kalanggaman Island. Kalanggaman Island is no longer part of Cebu but of Leyte. The root word of the name is “Langgam” which means “bird” in Visayas.

The 2-hour long boat ride was worth the wait because the island is stunning! We enjoyed swimming in the clear waters and step on its fine white sand despite the heat from the sun. When it was time to leave, at about 3 in the afternoon, the rain threatened to delay our departure. The boat driver said we should wait for the rain to pass so we can travel safe. After a few minutes, the boat driver declared it safe to travel.

Big Waves

While on our way back to Malapascua Island, we encountered big waves. The ride was rough. It was cold and the driver started drinking rhum. He started to sing out loud and I wondered deep inside if what he was doing was safe. Haha! Our driver was drunk but his companions acted like it was normal. Nonetheless, we had fun singing with him. We arrived safe in Malapascua.

From Malapascua back to Cebu City

Learning from our van experience, we decided to rent a private car to take us from the Malapascua port to Cebu City. The ride was still rough. We suspect that the van has new tires and that it was not yet accustomed to the rocky road or driver was just carefree. Nonetheless, we learned to enjoy the ride and the view instead.

From Cebu City to Osmena Peak

The village in Osmena Peak reminded us of Shire from The Hobbit. Such a beauty!

On the 4th day of our stay in Cebu, we woke up early to leave at 6 in the morning. We hired a van to bring us to Osmena Peak, the highest peak in Cebu. It was about 3 hours ride from Ayala Center.

Osmena Peak is home to animals such as these cows.

As we drew near, the place reminded me of the Mountain Province where I grew up. The ride was rocky but the view was astonishing. The rock formations are awesome.

The rock formation seen in Osmena, Cebu.

We got ready to climb the highest peak in Cebu City.

Hiking the narrow road. View is amazing!

The trek was only about 15 minutes. It was an easy climb. Two kids accompanied us.

Jasper and Reggie, 13 and 12 years old accompanied us in our 15 minute hike to Osmena Peak

It was so windy at the peak so we only stayed for another 15 minutes then went down.

View from the top

From Osmena Peak to Kawasan Falls

We thought Kawasan falls was only 30 minutes to 1 hour from Osmena Peak. But that’s only possible if we were riding a motorcycle. With the van, it was impossible. The driver explained that the short cut was a steep road and that we might meet an accident considering the size of the van. So he took a long cut and that took us another 2 hours. Whew. We really spent a lot of hours on the road.

This coconut tree probably survived a storm. Typhoons are typical in this tropical country Philippines

However, Kawasan falls was beautiful. It was unfortunate that Gelo and I were not able to swim in the river but we saw that our companions enjoyed it. It’s something to look forward to when we go back to Cebu. That and the canyoneering. ?

Enjoyed the sunset after we came from Kawasan Falls

From Kawasan Falls back to Cebu City then back to Manila

I feel like 4 days is really a short time to explore the whole of Cebu. Oh well, I guess that gives us a reason to go back. I expected Cebu to be highly urbanized but from what I saw, aside from the heavy traffic in the city proper, it’s a beautiful province worth exploring.

Have you been to Cebu? What is your favorite Cebu travel experience? Share with us in the comment section below.