Gelo and I originally wanted to try out the newly opened The Halal Guys in SM Megamall but my oh my, the line was so long and we were famished so we opted to go to the nearby establishment. We saw Lucca Bakery, looked at the menu (there was pizza) and entered.

I honestly thought that they had real books but when I looked closely it was a wallpaper. ?

We ordered Salmon Benedict, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Pizza Margherita and Chicken Pesto. Smoked Salmon was an accident. I meant to order Salmon Benedict but out of hunger I said Smoked Salmon. So when it came I almost argued with the waitress haha! But then I realized I was the one who made the mistake. Gelo was sad and disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to try their Salmon Benedict b so I ordered it again and the Smoked Salmon is on me. (This 52-week challenge sure made me widen my horizons but it’s slowly emptying my pocket haha!)

We love the pizza! The tomato used was fresh and it went very well with the basil. It has a mild flavor. I could say that if you want a pizza that’s close to nature, this is it. It’s not too salty too.

This is my first time to eat Salmon Benedict so I can’t compare it to other restaurant’s Eggs Benedict. But I’m not too fond of the bread. I think that’s the only thing I didn’t like. It’s too hard!

Maybe the bread from Lucca Bakery is really hard because even the bread in the smoked salmon sandwich is difficult to bite and chew. Well I guess this makes the meal healthier. But the sandwich is delicious. I would order it again if given the chance. It was not regretful that I ordered the sandwich by mistake.

The chicken pesto was surprisingly delicious. I almost consumed everything and left Gelo with nothing! Haha! No, I gave him the last portion. I knew I will be tempted to eat everything and if I do, Gelo will have nothing to eat. He eats his food slowly while I eat fast!

Overall, we like the place but it may not count as one of our favorite restaurants. But we’d come back here for the pizza and the chicken pesto maybe. We consumed everything though. Haha! I guess we were that hungry. ?

Finally, I’d like to end with this quote from their wall decor.

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. – Christopher Columbus