We had a really hard time looking for this restaurant. The listings in the Booky app as well as Zomato said it is in 30th St. cor. 7th St. but it is actually  in the c3 building in Bonifacio High Street. Anyway, at least we found the place.

It was our monthsarry  and I thought it was timely to do the challenge too – two birds in one stone.

The cozy interiors of The Wholesome Table

The place is quite cozy but is not a fine dining restaurant. One would feel that he is dining in a forest. The tables were decorated with rice harvest but unfortunately I was not able to take a photo of the one in our table as it was taken when we placed our order.

Cozy wall decorations of The Wholesome Table

For our main course we ordered Pizza Margherita (Php490) and Grass Fed Beef Burger (Php590). For our drinks we ordered Be Dreamy (Php250) and Be in Bliss (Php290) smoothies.

Pizza Margherita (Php490)

Grass Fed Beef Burger (Php 590)

Be Dreamy (Php250)

Be In Bliss (Php290)

They gave us two complimentary bread and it came to us as a surprise. We were hungry so we consumed it right away. I was only able to take photo of the basket.

Complimentary Bread Basket

I actually didn’t feel like taking photos at that time because I just wanted to feel the moment. ? But I felt obligated to take photos because of this blog. Haha!

Shall we go back? Yes, definitely. We love the pizza although there was a part that was too salty. For a restaurant that promotes healthy food, I think they could go slowly with the salt. We could go without the smoothies and the burger. I think there are better burgers out there for the price (Php590) :-o. I thought is was big but the it was only regular sized. Haha!

It was a great dinner (and an expensive one for a budget conscious couple like us). I am still in search for new places and restaurants. I’m liking this 52-week challenge so far :).

Oh by the way, there’s a 10% service charge on top of the bill. And check your bill before you pay because an item was added to our bill that we did not order. It was perhaps an honest mistake. We called the attention of the staff and they changed it right away.

The restaurant is great for group dinners not much for couples I should say but you can give it a try if you don’t mind the noise that a large crowd can bring. It got a bit crowded after 8 in the evening.