Slice Interiors

I think this is my kind of place – coffee, salad, eggs.

I ordered Tropical Salad (P260), Capuccino (P130), and Slice Scramble (P180) – Spinach, Zucchini and Broccoli. They charge 10% service fee so you may want to account that when going to this restaurant.

Tropical Salad (Php 340) – Serving is huge and is good for 2 people

Capuccino (Php 130) comes with nuts and cinamon on the side

Slice Scramble (Php180) I super love this one! Brown rice and eggs! yum!

My table was full after I ordered. Too many food for one person I guess but I was really hungry so I ate them all haha! I expected my order to arrive at least 15 minutes but it arrived at least 5 minutes.

My table after I ordered. ?

What I like about this restaurant is concept of healthy. I like that they serve brown rice. Overall, I will definitely go back and I would definitely bring Gelo, my friends and family here.