The name of this restaurant popped every time we searched for good places to go in Baguio City. We read good reviews about it so we decided to visit sometime in April of 2014.

The entrance to the restaurant

We were a bit disappointed about what we saw when we entered partly because we expected too much of ruins. I even imagined it to have big stones :D. Nonetheless, the ambience was great for a modern looking restaurant.

The outside dining

We were there on a budget so we ordered bread with kesong puti and basil, Ruins Coffee and Ruins’ Iced Tea.

Kesong Puti and Basil. We did not expect the three-leaf basil.

Ruins Coffee

Ruins Iced Tea

The waiter paused for a moment so I can take a photo of him pouring the coffee. ? I think it’s a nice gesture.

The waiter pouring the coffee

I had fun putting the tablea in my coffee and watching it melt.

Coffee is love

The Kesong Puti and basil was a huge let down so we ordered another spread – herb cheese.

The herbed cheese tastes a lot better than the basil and kesong puti

We like the herb cheese better than the Kesong Puti and Basil.

We went there in the late afternoon until dusk. They placed candles in our table when it started to get dark.

The candle gave a romantic feel

Then when the dark came they lighted a katol. The smell was bad but it did not shoo away the mosquitos. I still had mosquito bites in my legs and arms. So a few minutes later we were gone.

Overall, we like the experience. Shall we go back? Only when we tour people who didn’t go there yet because the price does not fit our taste. We paid 500 plus pesos for bread, coffee and iced tea. But I guess it’s the experience that counts.