It was a post birthday dinner. I together with my family scouted for a restaurant in Megamall. Knowing that my dad loves shrimps (we all do) we went in to Bag O’ Shrimps.

The place was nice. It felt like we were in a ship. Unfortunately, I was not able to take photos of the interiors because this blog was not born to yet when we went there. ?

They do not give you plates. They cover your table with a white cartolina give you a bucket where you can put your food waste and that’s it! You eat with your hands. You can also ask the staff to give you plastic gloves but we opted not to. We ate with our bare hands.

We ordered a bag of mild lime flavored shrimps, two rice and two bowls of hot clam chowder. The shrimps was yummy! It’s now a favorite. And surprisingly, we got so full after. We left with happy tummies after that dinner. Shall we go back? Definitely!

Bag O’ Shrimps – Megamall Atrium Level 3