Our table at Microtel Lobby – Food by Bistro 360

My sister and I decided to visit our lovely niece in the City of Cabanatuan. We took the bus from Five Star Cubao Station. Unfortunately, the ride was not so comfortable because the air-conditioner was broken. It was too hot inside and my sister who just came from her night shift work was not able to sleep. For three hours we endured.

We arrived at the bus station in Cabanatuan and our brother, his wife, our little niece and her cousin fetched us. Our brother told us that our little niece will attend a children’s party that afternoon so we hang out a bit. The place where the party was held was called Bistro 360. Beside it is Microtel – a cozy hotel in Cabanatuan. We decided to go in the hotel lobby since the event is being held in the restaurant. Our brother kindly asked the receptionist if they can serve food in the lobby and the receptionist generously agreed.

Our brother recommended that we try lechon kawali with laing. I ordered Kani Salad being a salad fan. For our drinks my sister ordered guyabano shake and my brother ordered UCC instant coffee which I ended up drinking because the air-conditioning inside was cold. And oh, we ordered two cups of rice to go with the lechon kawali with laing.

By our brother’s recommendation, we ordered Lechon Kawali with Laing (Php 245)

Because I love salad and kani ? Kani Salad (Php 187)

Guyabano Shake (Php 90), UCC Instant Coffee (Php 50) and 2 cups of rice (Php 40 per cup)

My brother was right with the lechon kawali with laing. The laing in particular was superb! The Kani Salad was also good. I did not expect the serving to be huge. The Guyabano Shake was not too sweet which is great for healthy conscious people. The UCC instant coffee, well, you may skip it. ?

In the end, our table looked like this.


I love Bistro 360 and will definitely want to go back. By the way, our brother paid for our bill so big thanks to him. Also, Bistro 360 does not have service charge which is another good thing! ?