The “side effects” of comfortable living conditions in the modern metropolis are polluted water and air, stuffed with hormones, pesticides and nitrates, food. All this adversely affects health. However, it is possible to reduce the influence of negative factors on the body, for example, getting rid of harmful substances accumulated in the body. But how to do that? There are various methods of “cleaning” the body, and we will talk about them in this article.

How to understand that the body needs cleansing from toxins?

Toxins and slag … These two terms are often used together. Moreover, “among the people” they have become a single whole – the name of harmful substances that accumulate in the body and gradually poison it. When there are too many such compounds, the internal systems of our body (liver, kidneys, intestines, skin integuments) responsible for their neutralization give malfunctions. This in turn leads to intoxication. The latter is manifested:

  • bowel disorders;
  • general decrease in immunity;
  • chronic fatigue and weakness;
  • headaches;
  • decreased appetite;
  • bad mood;
  • skin problems.

And these are only the most harmless consequences.

If more than half of the listed symptoms you have found in yourself, perhaps it is a poisoning. In this case, it is immediately necessary to completely clear the body of toxins.

body cleansing

Cleanliness is the key to health

Disposal of toxins provides significant relief to the authorities responsible for the processing and removal of harmful substances.

The work of the intestine is restored, and after it the protective functions of the immune system. This causal relationship is explained by the fact that about 80% of all cells responsible for immunity are in the intestinal mucosa.

Normalization of metabolic processes can help to lose weight – and this is great news for those who want to lose weight.

The sensitivity of the skin to the aggressive effects of the external environment is reduced, its natural protective barrier is restored, which means – annoyed pimples disappear.

Few years ago, Detoxic tablets were developed as a safe and affordable remedy for body cleansing.

Methods of cleansing the body of toxins and toxins

Ways to cleanse the body can be divided into two categories.


The most obvious way to cleanse the body is an enema. But it is worth thinking twice about its application – the frequent procedure can cause even greater damage to the intestines. The same applies to hydrocolonotherapy, which, in essence, is a deeper washing – in the absence of a disease (for example, constipation), the use of the method has no scientific justification. In reviews of these procedures, of course, weight loss is often mentioned. However, it should be borne in mind that mainly this effect takes place due to leaching of intestinal contents, and not removal of fat deposits.

There are more serious procedures aimed at cleaning the blood, and with it the whole body. During plasmapheresis, the patient’s blood is cleaned and returned. Hemodialysis has a similar principle, but an artificial kidney apparatus is used to clean the blood of toxins. The reason for these procedures are quite serious diseases in which the body is not able to independently get rid of toxins.


Sometimes they use a medicinal analog of an enema – a laxative. However, the consequences of unsystematic administration of such drugs can be fatal. Laxatives (like diuretics) have contraindications and side effects. In addition, as in the case of an enema, their regular intake can be a significant limitation for those who are used to an active lifestyle.

A much safer way to pharmacologically cleanse the body is to take enterosorbents. Like a sponge, they “absorb” toxic substances that enter the intestines from the outside or are formed in it due to improper metabolism. However, you must understand that with prolonged use of such drugs there is a risk of getting rid of beneficial microorganisms. Modern enterosorbents, which include prebiotics, can solve this problem – they create the conditions for the growth of natural microflora and at the same time remove toxins without harming the gastrointestinal membrane.

What is Detoxic?

One of the most popular drugs for detoxifying the body is Detoxic. These are capsules based on plant extracts, enterosorbents and vitamins. Studies conducted by volunteers from the Philippines showed that body cleansing occurs after 3-4 weeks of regular use of Detoxic.

The experiment participants noted the following positive changes:

1) Improved skin condition.

2) Normalization of digestion.

3) A surge of strength and vigor.

4) Good sleep.

Detoxic is allowed to all persons over 18 years of age. However, we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking the drug.

How to take Detoxic?

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, you should take 1 tablet 2 times a day (morning and evening). The course of treatment varies from 10 to 30 days, depending on the degree of contamination of the body. However, a continuous course of 30 days is not recommended. After 10 days of taking the drug, you should take a break for 2 weeks. Then the course can be repeated.

Food is good! Toxin Removal Products and Benefits of Detoxic

There are many products whose natural properties help the body clear itself of harmful substances.

Stimulation of the intestines, restoration of microflora. Fiber-rich foods – vegetables and fruits (cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, apples, pears), as well as cereals (brown rice, oatmeal) can do this job perfectly. Proper bowel function is the basis of cleansing.

Protection of liver cells, antitoxic effect. Oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, and without it the liver will have a hard time. It is this vitamin that helps produce the protein “responsible” for cleaning the blood. In addition to citrus fruits, beets, basil, garlic, ginger can help the liver.

food for detox

Diuretics The most famous product with this effect is watermelon. In addition, it is rich in various vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the body. Diuretics can prevent and slow the formation of kidney stones. In addition to watermelon, such products include parsley, cranberries, cucumbers.

Some of the above products have become the main for the composition of Detoxis. Thus, taking pills, you can benefit from natural vegetables, fruits and herbs.Possible negative consequences of a full cleaning

Colon cleansing with an enema and colon hydrotherapy on a regular basis leads to the destruction of microflora, as we have already mentioned. Together with toxins, all beneficial bacteria that are responsible for the absorption of beneficial substances are washed out. As a result, you can earn hypovitaminosis, dysbiosis, dehydration, decreased immunity and other unpleasant “bonuses”.

It is important

The lack of physical activity negatively affects the functioning of the intestine, which means that it slows down the processes of natural body cleansing. Therefore, if you set a goal – to get rid of toxins and toxins, it is worth signing up to the gym.

Such radical measures as plasmapheresis, carry an increased likelihood of blood clots, allergic reactions. The most harmless way is cleansing the body by adjusting the diet and taking time-limited enterosorbenotes. It is advisable to support this kind of procedure with pro- or prebiotics, thereby supporting a healthy intestinal microflora.

Regardless of the chosen method of cleansing the body, before using it, you must consult a doctor who can assess the presence of contraindications. And there are many of them – from intestinal bleeding to abdominal pain of unknown etiology.

If you consulted a doctor and want to start cleansing the body, visit the official Detoxic review and order delivery of the drug.